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To “Just Stand” is just a start. If you’re one of the millions of workers worldwide who spends their working day sitting, whether in a home office or a corporate cubicle, you owe it to yourself to MoveMore too.

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Q&A: Follow up on Building a Business Case webinar

It’s been a month since we presented our Building a Business Case for Sit-Stand at Work webinar (available on-demand). There was a lot of interest in the topic and we received several questions after the Q&A segment, so let’s address ...
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Got a case of “text neck”? Heads up!

Have you been using a smartphone or tablet more often, instead of a desktop computer? Working on the go may lead to certain types of injuries due to a mismatch between mobile technology and our interface with it. Case in ...
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Zombie attack!: fighting Halloween weight gain horrors 

You, a Halloween sugar zombie? Yes, you! The dead giveaway?  Any time of day, at home or at work, your inner ghoul slips into attack mode, devouring every treat in sight. It’s never easy to stay resolved to live and ...
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Scientific concept: Dormant butt syndrome

Have you heard about something the media is calling “dormant butt syndrome”? (AKA “gluteal amnesia” or "pancake tush" or "secretarial spread.") These funny names refer to a serious condition characterized by tight hip flexors and weak gluteal muscles, as a ...
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Walking meetings vs. standing desks: Why do I have to choose? Think like a millennial.

The uncompromising approach of the new generation of workers both shocks and inspires me. They dare to suggest solutions that sound impossible to my jaded ear. And they don’t always easily tolerate a choice between this or that. Maybe we ...
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Switch it up, with a regular sit-stand routine

Are you a deskbound worker? Chances are that for some of you, your health may be compromised and your fitness de-conditioned due to prolonged sedentary time. Most ergonomics and human factors experts agree that the human body is designed to ...
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Calling all sit-stand champions! New resources for you

We’ve added a new Resources Center on Juststand.org with even more information to equip employees asking for movement-friendly workstations -- and to educate employers on the many organizational benefits of creating a culture of movement. Visit Juststand.org/toolkit to learn more ...
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On-demand Webinar! Build a business case for sit-stand

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR NOW AVAILABLE With so many organizations looking for ways to reduce employee absenteeism and presenteeism, improve productivity, and lower healthcare costs, this complimentary 30-minute on-demand webinar followed by Q&A, helps HR and wellness professionals learn why standing at ...
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JustStand Index ebook

Trends emerged from our second JustStand® Index

Over the past few weeks, we have explored the findings from our second JustStandIndex, highlighting employees’ attitudes towards prolonged sitting. As research continues to prove that sedentary behavior is a threat to our overall health, this issue must be considered ...
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Top 10 tips for boosting your workplace wellness

The first annual Higher Health Symposium at Northwestern Health Sciences University, in Bloomington, MN, was a fast-paced event that shed light on new research on workplace wellness. Hundreds of attendees and two Twin Cities television stations turned out to learn ...
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JustStand Index ebook

Increasing awareness of sedentary behavior risks

In 2013, the first JustStand® Index was released to better understand how sedentary the typical American is each day and to measure the overall awareness of sitting disease and its accompanying risks. In 2016, we revisited the exercise in order ...
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Scientific concept: good vs. bad cholesterol

Many of us are aware that the two basic kinds of cholesterol LDL and HDL can be thought of as the “good” and “bad” type, but do you know which is which? Maybe this analogy will help you to remember: ...
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