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To “Just Stand” is just a start. If you’re one of the millions of workers worldwide who spends their working day sitting, whether in a home office or a corporate cubicle, you owe it to yourself to MoveMore too.

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Where ergonomics flourishes hygge can take root

With spring planting underway in my part of the mid-western United States, it occurs to me that being an ergonomist isn’t so different from being a gardener. Just as every garden must be prepared in advance with the proper soil ...
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“Anatomy of a Sit-Stand Company” Webinar, April 26th!

Join us Wednesday April 26, 2017 at 9am PT (12pm ET and 4pm UTC) for the “Anatomy of a Sit-Stand Company” webinar. Discover how workplace wellness and productivity is impacted by workstations, whether movement-friendly or not. Ergotron surveyed over 1,000 ...
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Introducing the Movement Mindset!

Work in an office? Sit too much? Get into the movement mindset! Maybe you're wondering "What's a ‘movement mindset,’ anyhow?" It's an online resource, at themovementmindset.com, featuring discrete yoga poses to do at your desk. A movement mindset seeks to ...
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Active Working Summit

Why Caring About Your Office Workers’ Health is Good Business: 5 Key Takeaways From Active Working Summit

Now in its third year of existence, Active Working Summit, held last week in London, UK, was attended by public health experts, opinion leaders, researchers and decision makers responsible for wellness, productivity and engagement of office workers. The event speakers were ...
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Q&A: Student Standing Desks for SPED

During the recent live Standing Desks: How and Why Educators Are Using Them webinar, listeners had an opportunity to pose questions about how standing desks can help create a healthy, flexible, and personalized learning environment. (If you missed the webinar, access it ...
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Swap Happy Hour for Healthy Hour

How are your new resolutions to get back into (or start building) habits of health coming? The holidays were a glorious excuse to indulge in frequently unhealthy food and drink and party-going. Come February, it’s hard to put aside the ...
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[Movie] Rethinking Workspaces: Design for Movement & Flexibility

Technology allows us to be more mobile than ever before. So why do we keep sitting around? Ergotron is rethinking the way we design environments to allow more flexibility, greater collaboration and opportunities to move more. Sit back and enjoy ...
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Ergotron WorkFit

How to choose the right standing desk

After reading the mountain of evidence that shows how terrible prolonged sitting is for your health, you’ve officially jumped on the standing desk bandwagon. So now what? There are dozens of different standing desks on the market. We developed this ...
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Resolve to rock your 2017!

We just kissed 2016 goodbye, and now begin anew in 2017, often with New Year’s resolutions. As you’d probably guess, the most common resolutions are related to health: lose weight, eat better, and get more exercise. We all know that ...
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MoveMore 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

To make it easy for you to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, we’ve assembled this guide to popular sit-stand products and related gear! And as always, if you need help, please reach out. WorkFit-T, Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation Give ...
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Prevent eye strain with the 20-20-20 rule

After or during a long day of working at a computer, have you experienced any of the following problems? sore, tired or burning eyes blurred or double vision watery, itchy or dry eyes headaches If you have, it’s likely the ...
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Q&A: Follow up on Building a Business Case webinar

It’s been a month since we presented our Building a Business Case for Sit-Stand at Work webinar (available on-demand). There was a lot of interest in the topic and we received several questions after the Q&A segment, so let’s address ...
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